Continue On Your Journey

In the past, I struggled with decisions I’ve made. I had so much regret and resentment for my self. Then it came to me…

Continue on Your Journey

Humans were made in such a way that we can’t turn our heads to look directly behind us. There’s a reason for that. God wants us to be moving forward and to take the right path.

  1. We look forward so we can see where we are going and what lies ahead
  2. We can look side to side both for choosing a direction and path, and so we can see those taking the journey with us.
  3. We can look up so we can call out to Him in time of need and praise.
  4. We can look down so we don’t trip and that we can see the path we’re taking clearly.journey path
  1. WE CAN’T LOOK BEHIND! We need to not look back otherwise we may get distracted and turn around. The past is past. You can’t bring it with.

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6 thoughts on “Continue On Your Journey

  1. I think sometimes though, it is important to look backwards to make sure that we are not repeating the mistakes we made in the past. However, it’s important not to dwell on them, and that’s where what you’re saying definitely comes in. The past is important, but dwelling on it is when we begin to cross the line to dangerous.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • thank you for your input! Yes, that is very true. I think that is why we can only have a glimpse behind us.. maybe I’ll have to add something tomorrow since today is that post’s promotion day. Thank you for reading, responding, and your support, Tabitha!


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