Finding the Sunlight Within

I was raised in a Catholic family that expressed importance of the Bible. So, when I was little, I had a picture Bible, and in the stories a ray of sunlight was used to show God was talking to someone. So when were driving and you could see the sunlight beaming through the clouds, I would say to my mom, “look! God is talking to someone!” She would laugh. I’ve gone through some tough times, but even going through everything, I would still think about what I thought were childish thoughts. I had an epiphany on May 9, 2012. Now I’m not sure why my mom laughed at my comment because now I have realized all this time God wasun rayss talking to someone. He was talking to me. He used the picture Bible and sunlight on those car rides to gain my trust. I know this because no matter how far I got astray, when I would see the sunlight through the clouds, I would think of Him. 


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