Christians being persecuted is a sign of the end times. Its getting so close, I can feel it. You can torture me or kill me. You can protest me or persecute me. I will NchainsOT renounce my God and I will NOT convert. Jesus is my Saviour and NO ONE can take that away from me. If I am free, I will fight for my faith and defend myself (with lethal force if need be). If I’m in chains, I will die happily knowing that I am dying because I’m standing by Christ.


6 thoughts on “Persecuted

    • Well some think it’s smart to convert to protect their earthly lives… Jesus said “But everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven.”Matthew 10:33 (NLT). So its really not the smart decision. Thank you for reading and responding Hillary.


  1. I’ve studied Revelations with my Bible study for 2 years …it really is a great book to study, especially when brings you closer to understanding God’s glory and great love for us! That said, I’m not so sure these times are worse than other times, in terms of both horrors and persecution. Could be soon, and it certainly IS soon in God’s eyes, which could be tomorrow or in a century or another millenium. As long I know where I’m going and I’m obedient to Him, doesn’t matter much to me anyway!

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