Compassion International Sponsorship

I got involved with Compassion International in March 2013 at a Tenth Avenue North concert in my home town. It was during intermission when Mike started talking about his experience with helping children and their families in impoverished countries by taking trips there and helping first hand. He went on to say that we can help first hand without going anywhere by sponsoring a child through Compassion. My heart didn’t just break; it shattered into a million pieces seeing these children naked and hungry. When I was child, I would do Operation Christmas Child with my mom and sister to help children in need, but I always wanted to do more like sponsor a child. My mom could never afford to do so.

Now, I believe in God’s perfect timing. I believe that when you need to do something, He will provide for you to do so. March 2013 was a mile marker for my car insurance. Earlier that week I received a notice that my monthly payment went down by $38. Do you want to know how much it is a month to sponsor a child? ….$38. WOW! God’s perfect timing in action!

TimpiyianThe feeling that
I get from sponsoring my 11 year old girl, Timpiyian, is that of a big sister. Knowing that I am partially responsible for her to eat, be clothed, and to get an education is a feeling that can’t officially be described. When I get a letter from her, I get so excited to simply
know that she is okay, healthy, and happy. I get tears even thinking about her and that is a feeling I wish everyone could feel. That is why I decided to be a part of the Compassion International Blogger Network. I noticed someone had an ad for it on their blog and immediately was interested.

Now, I am not trying to GUILT anyone into sponsoring a child. (unless it’s working  *wink*) I would, however, like you to pray about it, discuss it with your spouse, watch and share the video below,
and visit Take a look around. I promise that if you sponsor a child, you will NOT regret it.

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