I originally had two posts planned for this weekend but was inspired by something better, more meaningful, and something that may hit a little closer to home for some. This Saturday, my grandpa got the chance to go on the honor flight for the Korean War and World War II. He was one of 185 men and 3 women who went on the humbling trip.

I have gone to D.C. I have seen what they saw this weekend, but I saw it as a thankful citizen on an 8th grade school field trip. I can’t imagine what was going through the minds of these patriots as they walked and wheeled through the hills of these monuments and memorials that display our country’s history.

I got the chance to be with my family and other families at the airport to meet the veterans as they came home from the trip. When military come home from being deployed, their families come to greet them, kiss them, and welcome them home. It’s a big deal in today’s world. Back then, they didn’t do as many banners, balloons, and flowers. The welcome was simple. We gave these patriots the biggest welcome they have ever experienced. Tears were in everyone’s eyes as if they were coming home from war. I have never seen this kind of passion and emotion. The kisses and hugs between spouses were so passionate and loving.

I have never seen my grandpa so happy. I have never seen that kind of glow on his face and light in his eyes. To see the history he helped make being honored was overwhelming, I’m sure.

Now usually I post about God and how the Holy Spirit works, but after that experience, I had to write about this and give a HUGE thank you to the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight!

4 thoughts on “Patriot

  1. this is such a touching tribute not only to your grandpa but to all the men who risk their lives for this country! What a beautiful memory you have of visiting but even better to know your grandpa was honored! Visiting from Facebook Christian Women Bloggers Unite!


  2. I am still here 🙂 I will get you my new blog url as soon as I am ready to share it. This is a very nice post, and it is great that you got to experience this with your grandpa! It is hard to imagine what they went through during those times, but it is truly a blessing to those who survived. Thank your grandpa for his service for me!

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