Being God’s Hands and Feet


Volunteering is a type
of ministry and a way you can spread God’s Good News by words or just through your actions. I went to the inner part of Milwaukee to a free clinic to help with their monthly services. So people ask, “why go to the inner city? Why put yourself in danger? There is so much you can do in your hometown.” People in your hometown do need to be introduced to Jesus Christ, but we can do that every day but we need to physically put ourselves in the places that the Good News is harder to get to those people. So to Milwaukee we went to directly minister to many people as they come to get health attention. That was my first time doing direct ministry and will not be my last. In fact it’s a start of a large journey I am planning for myself. I’ve done the packing of meals for children around the world and items for those affected by Hurricane Katrina but to me, I want to be in action! I’m writing this to encourage others to get out there! You’re needed! If you feel the tug, don’t hesitate!

4 thoughts on “Being God’s Hands and Feet

  1. It may sound strange, but it takes a special kind of heart to be able to do outreach outside of your own community. Some people’s hearts can be softened towards it if they can be convinced to give it a shot, but won’t. We need the people who’s hearts are tuned to it, just as we need those whose hearts are only tuned to their personal communities.

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    • That is very true. I’m sure you wouldn’t feel the tug of you didn’t have the heart for this kind of outreach. My boyfriend didn’t enjoy our service as much. Thank you for reading and responding, tabitha! And thanks for coming back!


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