Thankful: I Know Jesus

24 years ago, this week, my parents were getting ready to welcome home a new baby girl. At the same time, a 22 year old woman was preparing to make a very difficult decision. She had already decided but still had 5 days to make it official. 24 years ago, this week, I was born and was blessed with a family that raised me in a Christian home.

My older birth brother is Wiccan, my birth sister and younger brother have been confused for years. My sister only recently has come to Christ. I was blessed. I could have been just as confused. I could have gone through more horrific things than I did.

I am thankful I had a great family that introduced me to Jesus.

6 thoughts on “Thankful: I Know Jesus

  1. Thank goodness she realized she didn’t have what you needed. It took strength to walk away, but praise God you were blessed as a result. Now the love of God you were raised to know, you can share with others!

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