3 Favorite Birthday Memories! Plus a Way to Give One to a Child!

Last week, I had good reason to ponder on some birthday memories since the 7th was my 24th birthday. So much but so little time has gone by. So thoughts filled my mind as I was celebrating the day and weekend at an indoor water park resort. What were my three favorite birthday memories? 

  1. My 7th (GOLDEN) birthday, I had an angel party where instead of musical chairs, we played musical clouds. We used pillows on the floor as the clouds, and that was my only memory of my mom allowing pillows on the ground!! It was a prominent memory since it was the day of my first kiss… from a boy… on the cheek. His name was Elliott, and he was the only boy there since he attended with his cousin, Samantha. My sister dared him to, and he followed through!
  2. My 10th birthday was Noah’s Ark themed. We had nice weather that November so we did a scavenger hunt that involved finding animals throughout my yard. My mom decorated the coolest cake ever (I wish I had a picture to share it with you). I also remember an abundance of animal crackers.
  3. My 14th birthday was my first boy/girl party where each person from my class were invited (15 kids). We had so much fun playing football in the yard, tabling each other (bending over while someone is running at you so they topple over your back and onto the ground), and eating tacos in the garage.

These were the best birthdays when I was a child. I wish every child could have as great of a birthday as those 3 days and all the others in between, but that isn’t the case. Some children go hungry on their birthday. Some are homeless or fatherless or motherless. The mission of Compassion International is to make a difference in the lives of these children and give them a chance to have a better daily life and not feel like their life is worth nothing. compassion-international

I believe in Compassion International full-heartedly. And today, I’m giving you a chance to join me in sponsoring a child. Today is even more special because I have a link for you that will allow you to sponsor a child whose birthday is today or whatever day you click on it! I challenge you to! What a special birthday gift: to be sponsored by someone who CHOOSES to care for that child. $38 a month will provide conversations with your child, food, clean water, clothing, schooling, and a way to learn about Jesus! I promise, you won’t regret it if you sponsor. Click here!

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Answer below: What was your favorite birthday memory? Would you like to sponsor a child? If no, what’s holding you back?

6 thoughts on “3 Favorite Birthday Memories! Plus a Way to Give One to a Child!

  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    Child Sponsorship is SUCH an important thing; not many people realize just how much of an impact it has not just on the life of the child, but on the community they are in as well.

    I’ve had the chance to experience and witness firsthand the impact of that sponsorship twice in Guatemala, and it was life-changing for me. My husband and I now sponsor two Guatemalan brothers (one of whom I met on my first trip) through Child Care Plus, which is part of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada’s Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (ERDO) programming.

    Our one boy graduates this year, and so we will be sponsoring another child through a grassroots organization in Tanzania that was started by a woman from our Town.

    I could go on for hours about Child Sponsorship, but I’m going to close with saying thank you for speaking about it and urging others to partake. ❤

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    • Thank you. And it is my honor to speak out. I came across Compassion Blogging Network a couple months ago and was so inspired to do more than just sponsor Timpiyian. So I decided God was telling me to blog on their behalf as well. It came together perfectly. I was knowledgeable about what they do and had just started getting serious about blogging. Thank you for reading and responding, Tabitha! God bless!

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