Giving Thanks on Nov 17

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” -1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV

After all that is happening in the world and has happened, its hard to give thanks especially when you question why God would let so many innocent people die. But the question on why He allows horrors to fill our world is one that has gone unanswered for many people for a very long time. This world is cursed. The land of this earth was cursed when Eve took that bite out of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Genesis chapter 3 discusses the Fall of humanity. Humanity cursed the ground by the choice of Adam and Eve. Free will was a gift from God, but it was and IS abused. Kind of like that quilt that was sown for you that gets trampled on when it falls to the ground. If God stopped everything evil, He would be taking away free will. Persecution and wars are foretold in Revelations. We can’t avoid it.



1 Thessalonians tells us to be thankful in every circumstance because God wants us to be thankful. It doesn’t state that it would be easy… by all means! When tragedies happen like what happened in Paris, Beirut, Lebanon, or Syria (and now Orlando, FL as updated on June 13, 2016), we need to look upward even when our hearts are so heavy that it pulls our minds into the ground. Look to see where God can use how it has affected you to bring glory to His name. You may not be rewarded here on earth, but God promises to reward those who bring glory to His name when we come home to Him.

So let’s find ways to be thankful. I am thankful that I am living in a safe area where I can worship who I want (God) when I want. Not everyone has that luxury.

I want to extend my condolances to those who lost loved ones in any of the recent tragedies. I am praying for all of you, and I mean it. I am praying for you, Isis. Yes. I pray your hearts be softened and you experience some sort of change or that you feel some sort of remorse for all the hurt you have caused.

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7 thoughts on “Giving Thanks on Nov 17

    • I think we sometimes are afraid to because we might say the wrong thing. God listens to and honors the requests of our hearts, not necessarily what is spoken because He knows what we meant to say. That or I think we forget to pray for them. They are hurting as much as the victims but in a different way. They don’t know Jesus which is why we NEED to pray for them.


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