Give Thanks

“Lord, thank you for all that You have blessed me with. Family, friends, a home, food, clean water.” You probably say something similar throughout this day of Thanksgiving if you are a Christian. If you aren’t a Christian and you are reading this, I am curious to hear what you say throughout the day. I don’t want to cause trouble, I genuinely want to know.

Thankful to God

This morning while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I saw a commercial that showed a family praying before they ate their large meal. Then I saw a different family digging in. They could have prayed before hand, but then I thought about how my family always prayed before even carving the juicy turkey. I wonder what it would be like to join a non Christian family for this day of thanks.

My current family tradition has been simple. It includes eating a traditional thanksgiving dinner of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, candied carrots, green beans, jello, and pie. My boyfriend and I now switch houses during the day being sure to share our presence with both families.

I have always been upset that we don’t include those who aren’t as fortunate to our day. Maybe we could have served at a soup kitchen or opened our home to someone who has no where to go (which I did this year but was declined). I want to make sure that one of these occurs in my household when we get married because we shouldn’t hoard what we have. We should give the surplus that we hold, surplus of time, money, or food.


3 thoughts on “Give Thanks

  1. We don’t have Thanksgiving in Australia, we have Australia Day on January 26th, to celebrate the founding of our nation instead. I’ve always thought that by not having a day to be specifically focussed on thankfulness, that we do miss out.

    I love what you are saying about including the less fortunate and I certainly am saying Amen to your prayer. May the Lord richly bless you and your loved ones as you seek Him.

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