thanksgiving devotional day 5

A tummy full of turkey

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.


I am glad for an annual day for giving thanks to God, just as I need calendar reminders to remember the significant people in my life on their birthdays and remember to celebrate my marriage on its anniversary date.

But why? Why should we need to be reminded to give thanks? I know why I need it. Because I am quicker to complain than rejoice. I am quicker to look to myself for solutions than pray to God. I am quicker to credit myself for good things in my life than see the connection to heaven. I am quicker to feel cheated and envious than blessed and rich in everything that matters.

I need the Word’s encouragement to see and acknowledge the Source of everything good in my life (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). The Word opens my eyes to be aware of the holy angels who protect me, the Spirit who lives in me, the Father who daily forgives me, and the Son who loves me unconditionally.

A tummy full of turkey is only one example of the constant stream of blessings that I enjoy. This Thanksgiving, God will be hearing from me more than usual. But, you know, really every day is a day of thanksgiving.

In today’s society, people correlate Black Friday with Thanksgiving instead of correlating thankfulness with Thanksgiving. People are so ready to go out and do their shopping for either Christmas or for themselves. Sure shopping for others for Christmas is great, but we need to keep Black Friday and Thanksgiving separate.

 On Thursday, I received a call from my sister who was in line at a  retail store for TV for her son.  Am I upset that she helped support the company opening on Thanksgiving night when people should be spending the night with their family? Yes.  I am even more upset, though, that she was put in the position in the first place  to feel the need that she would only get the deal if she waited in line for four hours.

 So now what? I know that black Friday deals extend into the weekend.  I would like to encourage those who read this blog post to remember this post while you’re shopping this weekend. I would like to ask you to do what kind do you do for somebody you don’t know.  Pay it forward, take someone’s shopping cart back to its corral,  let someone go ahead of you in line …  There are so many options and you might make someone’s day.

 Holiday times can be tough.  I want to let you know that you’re not alone in this.  Please feel free to go over to my  Request prayer  Page  so other readers and myself can pray for you.  Pictures of the journal for the giveaway will be coming soon.  To be entered in for the giveaway, simply follow this blog via email or WordPress  or go follow me on my social media accounts.  The winner will be picked when I have reached 200 unique followers total!

4 thoughts on “thanksgiving devotional day 5

  1. This was great, as for me and my family we refuse to shop on Thanksgiving night, I think its appalling that the stores have become so greedy that they force their employees to be away from their families on Thanksgiving and that it provokes greediness and selfishness in the people who fight for a stupid TV,a pair of shoes, a electronic device or coveted toy. We also stay away from the chaos of Black Friday, to me nothing materialistic is worth getting trampled or stressed out over just to save a few bucks. I miss the Christmas’s past where people gave from their heart, and people did not get in fights over something. A time when Christmas shopping was fun and peaceful even on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It seems those days are gone replaced by entitlement and greed for the newest thing. I watched videos of some of the Thanksgiving day shopping across the country and my heart broke.This was an awesome blog post. Thank you.

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    • Thank you for your kind words and sharing your feelings about the topic. People have gotten so selfish over the years. When I was younger it didn’t seem as if they were this greedy. Thank you for reading and responding and I hope you come back in the future.

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      • I will, I am new to the blogging world and so I am learning the ropes about interacting with other bloggers. I have been trying to learn all I can from other seasoned bloggers before I really put alot into it. That and we have had some family problems that have kept me away from blogging, my web design studies and the internet in general.

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