Chills Went Up My Spine

You know that moment where something you fear happens and you get chills? Or how about when a good feeling overwhelms you and you get those same chills? I love getting those good chills up my back, and they happen when the hope God gives us fills my mind and heart.

One Sunday morning, I was sitting in church with my boyfriend, my friend Andrea, and her boyfriend. We were singing and swaying to worship and already overwhelmed by the power of God. Our worship team started In Christ Alone, a song that I have heard maybe only five times before that morning. We started to lose ourselves in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Then the end of the song came…… CHILLLLLLLLS!!!!!!! “Till He returns or calls me home, here in the power of Christ I’ll stand”

Andrea and I opened our eyes and just looked at each other. When this happened, it was the start of the ISIS threats towards Christians. How perfect are these lyrics! These words remind us that God is in control and He has our best interest in mind at all times. We need to stand firm in Christ. That realization came to mind which is why I got chills. After the service, Andrea and I were talking about In Christ Alone and I found out that she, too, got goosebumps.

I have linked the song with MercyMe singing and there are many other versions. Take a listen.


What gives you chills? Did this song?

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