The Start of it All

So, I seem pretty new at this blogging thing, huh? Well I am. So what got me started in the first place?

I never thought that I was going to write. I never even dreamed of writing, but once I went through trials that I never thought I should have gone through, I looked for ways to make sense of all of it and not waste those experiences. I started to have realizations that I felt God wanted me to express instead of keeping in my head and heart. At first, I wanted to write a couple books, which I still plan to do. The first book of thought is a book of my realizations and thoughts of amature wisdom. The other book is a memoir of my emotions about the adoption and experiences in the abusive relationship.

These books made me realize that I should start practicing my writing, and I learned that I needed to establish a platform. So here it is, my blog! Without dreams of writing or an English major, here I am writing and expressing what is on my mind and hopefully inspiring others in their walk with the Lord.

Now I don’t want this to seem like a ploy to get your money. I don’t require you or even beg you to help, but I can’t do this on my own. I have learned that if you need help, there should be no shame in asking since we all need help at some point in our lives. I may throw out gentle reminders that the link that I will mention is there, but I do not want that to be the center of everything. My purpose for this blog is to share Jesus. It is to bring thoughts to your mind that might not enter your mind without a prompt. Keep that in mind with the following:

She Speaks

I want to continue my experience and expand my skills as a writer. Since I am going to school and trying to establish a family and home, I am limited to online resources. If you want to help me reach my goals to expand, to the right on the sidebar, there is a gofundme campaign that I started (under my legal identity). The funds that are collected in this campaign will go to fund the domain name of this blog and will help me get the training I need through the She Speaks Conference which has become a dream of mine since I realized I am an author.

I thank each and everyone of you who have been loyal to my blog thus far. I am so blessed to have such a turnout for such a new blog. Some of you are fellow authors, and I love that even more! Some may be new to reading this blog. Thank you for stopping by! I’m so glad you are here, too! I urge you to check out my New Readers Page. It has continued explanation of the blog, a list of some of my best work, and some posts that have been successful.

God Bless! xoxo

PS I am so sorry I haven’t written as often. The holidays were crazy and then I got sick. I promise I am back on track now!



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