Series Announcement

and Introduction

Starting Tuesay, I will be giving some insight as to who my top 5 people of the Bible are (besides Jesus because he should be everyone’s favorite). Person number 5 will be on Wednesday the 24th. My 4th favorite will be posted on Friday the 26th. The next 2 will be the next Wednesday and Friday. Number 1 will be discussed on the Wednesday, March 9th! Update 3/13/16: I will get the other 4 up in the next 2 weeks. I ended up getting writer’s block, and I apologize.

I haven’t done a series in a while so I was thinking of what I should do. I came across a post idea that was entitled “Who do you look up to?” It got me thinking who my favorite people of the Bible were. So here we go!!

I will discuss key events in each person’s life, how they lived their lives according to God’s will, and each will include a suggested prayer to look for God’s will on how we can do better in our own lives using these people and Jesus as inspiration.

So I intruduce to you:

People of the Bible Series


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