John Didn’t Hold Back

So why should you?

John the Baptist is known as the crazy guy who ate weird stuff like locusts, dressed in camel hair and shouted at people to repent while quoting Isaiah. It’s things like this that made him one of my favorites. He didn’t hold back, and you shouldn’t either.

When you hear people on the corner of the street shouting at you and asking if you know Christ, it can be very terrifying and condemning. As Christians, we can think “why am I not doing that?” “Why am I afraid of joining this person?” Unbelievers think “these people that do this are crazy. Don’t they know they are wasting their time?” Well, what unbelievers think when encountering people who are yelling at everyone they see on the street is exactly how I would think that people of the time of John and Jesus felt about John yelling about the coming of the Kingdom and the Savior.

I imagine him being very loud and being able to be heard down the street. People listened to him, and some did repent.Now we don’t need to be loud and yell at people, but we shouldn’t hold back on evangelizing just because we might be afraid of what others may think. When I was looking my Bible for some information on John the Baptixt, I came across his strengths which includes being a fearless confronter and uncompromising.

What I really enjoy about my Bible is that it lists lessons that can be learned from the life of the profile being read. His includes: “God does not guarantee and easy or safe life to those who serve him, Doing what God desires is the greates possible life investment, and Standing for the truth is more important that life itself.”

So be fearless! Be loud! Evangelize! Love people! Show others respect even when they don’t respect you!

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Information of the profile of John the Baptist in the NIV Life Application Study Bible was borrowed for this post.

6 thoughts on “John Didn’t Hold Back

  1. LOL I LOVE Paul. He was obviously such a crazy man turned crazy in love with Jesus. He’s evidence that the bigger the mess, the bigger the ministry!

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    • Absolutely!!! That’s why he’s a favorite. Sometimes we don’t feel worthy to be in ministry. He is proof that’s never true! Thanks for joining me in discussion. I hope you return soon!


  2. My natural inclination is to think – I don’t want to be like that guy. It’s not effective. But then I disciple my heart because a) the Word never returns to God empty, and b) what was effective for me (not shouting) is not necessarily effective for others. So yeah! I think we need not to be afraid to stand out in the crowd or look foolish or be loud. (I pinned).

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