Devotionals in Action

DevotionalsInActionTo GrowWithChristHave you ever read motivations and encouragements based off the same topic and one that needed ot be addressed at that time of your life? I subscribe to many emails that are devotional and such like Proverbs31, Faith.Full, FaithGateway, and too many more (haha).Sometimes I get behind in reading what I receive so I’ll do a day of catch up. That day was Wednesday this past week.

In order to put things into perspective, here is a little background on what has been going on lately. I have been finishing my general education classes for my Christian Studies degree that I am obtaining through online courses, I have started my own business through Beachbody (which I will explain in another post) while keeping up with another program to obtain better health, I applied and interviewed for a better position at work, and I have been waiting for my boyfriend to find a better job in order for us to move to the next steps in our relationship. So you also can now see why i haven’t blogged much. I am still struggling with anxiety and letting go of the past.

So this all started when I was listening to the radio and hear Francis Anfuso talking about anxiety and how anxiety is not the fear of the future but rather the desire to control the future. He could not be more right!!! I think about my past and how I don’t want to make the same mistakes or let anything more happen to me that I could prevent. SO, I have let that desire become me. I desire to control my future so I don’t get hurt. Where that may sound fair, it’s not. Things need to happen in order for us to learn from our experiences. I wrote about this in a few of my past post that I will link to at the end.

When I started to play “catch up” with my emails, I discovered similar references like loving the life you are living since comparing your life to the lives of others only leads you away from the life that God wants for you, and when you live the life that He wants for you, He guarantees that you will be the most fulfilled you ever could be. I then had an email about letting go of control which clearly plays into the definition of anxiety I had mentioned.

When you trust God, He will give you the knowlege in order to address the issues we struggle with.

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