Mother’s Day Thoughts

This weekend’s holiday, Mother’s Day, got me thinking as it usually does. I always dreaded Mother’s Day when I was younger because I always thought, “is my birth mother thinking of me?” It got me angry. Now, my parents that adopted me are fabulous, but there is just something about the biological connection that just can’t be beat.

My birth-mother and me after I was born.

I am going to school for youth ministry, and so I volunteer at my church to work with the kids now. Working with kids have given a new insight as to how it feels to be a mom. I’m not a mom but when you work with kids in a church setting, you need to treat these children as your own rather than just someone else’s. They need to be treated as your own because as a church member and working for God, God has given you the responsibility to create the solid foundation that those kids need to set them up for life. They might not be getting that same foundation at home.

I see women with their children and it makes me tear up because I think about the fact that those are their biological children. As an adopted child, I have no idea what it feels like to be loved by a mom who gave birth to me. I do know how it feels to be loved by a mom that CHOSE to love me… very much like how I love my kids at my church.

My mom and me (2009)

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