Back to Dedication

For my first motivational Monday, I want to encourage you if you are going through a season of change especially if it came after a negative event.

After something happens like a breakup, divorce, a fallen out friendship, or death of a loved one, we start making changes in our lives. I’ve done that recently. I knew the changes needed to happen before the event, but it was the event that pushed me to follow through with the change.
I knew I needed to become more responsible with my school work. I knew I needed to spend more time with God. I knew I needed to get back to my fitness routine. I got stuck in this routine of sloth and laziness, and I found myself watching more Netflix than my brain and soul could handle. I could feel myself getting crabby and impatient. I took out frustrations I had with myself out on someone who did nothing but help me and encourage me.
So here I am; dedicated as ever to live my life for Christ and get back on the road of health for my future, body, and soul.
XO Ashton

Photo source: Proverbs 31 Ministries

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