David and Goliath

I have always been a very small person. I stopped growing at 4’11” or 149.86 centimeters. I love being short but it has caused some problems, more so in the past when it comes to those who are bigger than me. I can understand how David may have felt when facing the Philistine giant, Goliath. Think about how he could have felt if he David didn’t have the all-powerful God in his side. He could felt fear, intimidation, unworthiness, too young… the list goes on. 

Both my friends are crouched down (haha)
I have felt this way. Not necessarily because of my size because being this shorter all my life has taught me that size doesn’t mean anything if you have the determination and desire to conquer whatever comes your way. I became even stronger as I realized that God was on my side.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans’ 8:31

David understood this before it was written in Scripture. He understood that God gave him a mission and that He has great things in store for him. At this time, he had no idea what, but he knew that with God, He goes big.

Credit: QuotesGram
If you are going through something you think is too big for you to handle, I encourage you to ask yourself: “have I asked God for help?” “Have I asked Him for His will in this situation?”

How can you put this into play today? Comment below! If you would like prayer for your situation, please go to Request Prayer!

XO Ashton

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