What You Do for the Least of These

What do you have that you take for granted? What do you have that people in remote areas of Africa, Asia, and South America don’t? When you really think about it and do some research, its more than you think!! There is something you can do about it. One life; that’s what you can change.



When thinking about all I have even living paycheck to paycheck, I still have more than those in third world countries, especially the children. Some of these kids don’t have parents. As an adopted child, I have two sets of parents. When I work, I make enough to pay my bills and eat and even have some luxuries. They only make barely enough to survive. Some can’t even go to school to get a basic education. They are definitely considered “the least of these” in which Jesus was referencing to in Matthew 28:19-20. Compassion International provides education, clothes, food, and basic needs that these children may never see if they aren’t sponsored by someone who can give up a simple luxury they can live without. For me, that was Starbucks when I first started. I now make most of my coffee at home for $8 a bag lasting me about a month instead of $5.20 for a grande cup.

fullsizeoutput_381What I think is pretty special is that not only does Compassion provide basic needs, but they also provide a center in the child’s community for them to learn about God and His love for them. Many of these countries have limited churches and have limited evangelism. Also, when you take the time to write to your child, you can let them know of this love as well. So not only do they see that God cares for them, but they also see that someone who lives thousands of miles away cares for them.

I love my Timpiyian. She is such a selfless little girl. When she writes me, she always is asking for prayer for her family rather than herself. I can already see what a great woman she will and is growing to be. I’ve been sponsoring her since March 2013. In these four years, I don’t recall her ever asking prayer for herself.


Sponsoring her has not only changed her life but mine as well. I always saw myself as a kind person and someone who had compassion for others. But when I go to Christian concerts, I see others raising their hands to grab a pamphlet to think about sponsor a child, and I just start bawling!! I think about the change that will happen in these people’s hearts and the joy that child will feel when they get their first letter or experience maybe their first walk into class as they finally go to school. I think about the joy their parents will have (if they have parents) to know that someone is providing what they have only dreamed about giving their child.

I encourage you to watch this video and seriously think about sponsoring a child yourself here. Think about what your heart is telling you and what luxuries you have, even the ones you may take for granted. I have a link on the side panel to make finding the link to sponsor easy for you. It’s $38 a month which is only a little more than $1 a day. So simple, and really so cheap.


9 thoughts on “What You Do for the Least of These

  1. This is so inspirational. God bless you and continue to enlarge your coast in Jesus’ name.
    (I tried to read the post on feeling abandoned and how you overcame it. It only opens to the graphic still, not the post itself And I will send you invites to the group boards I own on Pinterest. Think you’ll love them. Check your inbox over there. xoxo.)


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