Paper Bible Study Tools

Over the years, I have collected Bibles. I’m more old-fashioned when it comes to me studying the Bible. I like paper Bibles, paper notebooks, highlighters, pens, etc. My boyfriend laughs at me because I can spend hours in Barnes and Noble and the office supplies stores.


So starting out with Bibles… I have three main ones. One that has a regular translation with the study notes at the bottom which is the Life Application Study Bible by Zondervan. (Link to buy on Amazon)

My second one has regular translation that has “observation points” and pictures of what artifacts and places may have looked like such as the Ark of the Covenant from Moses and the temples like the one in Jerusalem. This one is The Wayfinding Bible. This one is awesome in that there are three reading plans within the Bible to take you on a chronological journey or getting a grasp of everything in Bible. The three plans are the Flyover Route (chronological sequence of the main events), the Direct Route (215 readings for a full perspective), and the Scenic Route (386 readings with the well-known and not-so-well-known passages). (Link to buy on Amazon)

My third Bible is the Compass Bible which has multiple translations in one so that you read in more of today’s terms to really understand more difficult portions. This one really helps in everyday reading. (Link to buy on Amazon)


My Life Application and Compass Bibles have book tabs on them. Many people like to place these on their bibles so that they are able to quickly locate each book. I like to use the blank ones provided to mark my favorite verses such as Proverbs 31 and Romans 8:28. You can find ones you like at any bookstore that sells bibles (which should be all of them). I found one set at Barnes and Noble and the other set on Amazon (Link to buy here). Be careful when placing these on the pages and when using your bible. They can rip fragile pages.

Both of those bibles are also placed in study covers. This allows me to protect my bibles when traveling to church or bible study groups. They also have places to put small notebooks and pens and other study needs so I always have my supplies. Again, I got one of these at Barnes and Noble and the other on Amazon.

You see in the first picture of my study covers that I have highlighters. I really need to put one set in the other cover but there is limited space in the other cover. Again, bought one set at Barnes and Noble (Majestic Highlighters) and the other on Amazon (Link to buy here). The ones from Barnes and Noble are crayon like to prevent the color from bleeding through the pages. The other set are are a gel to prevent bleeding as well.

There are a couple books I bought for school that have helped me as well. They can assist new and experienced readers alike. You can find those here: Introduction to Biblical Interpretation and How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth.

The other tool I LOVE that I received from my church which is those books in a nutshell is this green card. I have a few so that I could easily access them in any bible I choose to be in at that time.

I hope some of these help you get started if you haven’t already.

CALL TO ACTION: Comment with your favorite paper study tools that you use!

Just a quick note: I am not sponsored by any of these brands and I am not an affiliate of Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I just genuinely love these tools and want to share them with you. 

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XO Ashton

3 thoughts on “Paper Bible Study Tools

  1. I agree! I love paper everything and I love my colorful markers!! 🙂 I do BIble Study referencing the Bible in both book form and online. I just discovered the passion version (online, haven’t seen it in book form) where there is a commentary beneath the Verse. I love that! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I use both medias as well. (I will be writing about my digital tools later this week.) I love the highlighters because I use different colors for different occasions. Orange is used for verses heard at church (orange is our church theme color). Green is for life verses. Pink is for words of love. Blue is for my studies. Yellow is for general verses I want to highlight. Purple is general verses that really speak out to me. Thank you for coming by and sharing!


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