4 Things I Love About My Church + Church Tour

As I mentioned in my previous post, you need to feel comfortable in the church you attend. You need to have the qualities that mean something to you that make you want to go to church. I mean you can go to a church that you suffer through, but you can get more out of the experience if you enjoy going to the church of your choosing. So I want to go through the key things that I love about my church to give you an idea of the things that make me want to go every week. Along with that, I will give you a bit of a tour!

4 Things I Love About My Church.png


  1. One thing I absolutely love about my church is that they always have a series going on instead of just a random sermon. There is always a goal for the series. The current series we are in is called “Greater Than” which so far has been focusing on letting Jesus, letting God being greater than our struggles, anxieties, and fears. Love the idea first series because it keeps you focused on the message and always wanting to hear more the next week.
  2. Another thing that I love about my church is that the pastor is always authentic. He shares his life and his struggles. He doesn’t care about letting others assume that he’s perfect because no one is perfect.
  3. The third thing I love about my church is there is always an opportunity for people to serve. I started out by welcoming people to our church… One of the greeters. As I decided that I wanted to go into youth ministry, I decided to start working with the kids. Serving provides a great opportunity to bring the church together as one unit. Instead of letting the church serving you consistently, you serve the church.
  4. There are obviously many reasons why I love my church (otherwise I would’t be going there). But the last thing I love about my church is their desire to serve the community instead of staying in their own little bubble. They are always active in serving the surrounding schools and loving all people instead of just their own. Every week, we pray for a school, another church, and a missionary. They also have a wall of schools where people can opt to serve for. Anyone can go to the administrative team to ask what needs to be done for the school they choose. 
Our wall of area schools to keep people involved.

Now for the church tour! I did my best to take some pictures. I did leave out the “KidLife” area since there were children present. I didn’t want to take pictures without the permission of the parents. 

Below is our “5 Minute Connect Welcome Center.” It is where new people and visitors can go to talk to someone about what the church is all about and how they can get involved. You can also get information about upcoming events if you are a usual church goer.


Below is the sanctuary where everything happens! We have a contemporary band and screens for following along. I know some don’t like the modern screen idea, but I personally love it. In my old church, we had hymn books. Those are great but I always felt like I was constantly looking down instead of looking up to the Father. The screens also allow for you to be hands-free so you can worship with hands raised if you are comfortable doing so. Just below the stage at the end of service, we have church elders that stick around for anyone needing prayer or someone to talk to. They also serve as someone you can proclaim your new-found love for Jesus if you want to dedicate your life to Him. They will then tell you about our upcoming baptism services and what they need to do to sign up and prepare for it.


fullsizeoutput_56bTo the right is my FAVORITE part of my church! Oh my gosh, I can’t tell you enough of what I love about this @Home center!!! It is a place where people can go to bring Jesus more into their home life. There are resources for parents of kids of all ages and stages. There are even resources for grandparents raising their grandchildren. There are also resources for loved ones of those going through a hard time like addiction. These resources include pamphlets, books, and people to guide you in the right direction to find the resources you need if this center doesn’t have it!





To the left is the cafe! Another favorite of many people who attend! Fresh coffee, a place to view church on a smaller screen if you arrive late, have kiddos that don’t want to go to KidLife, or if you just don’t want to sit in a crowd of people. Now, the day this was taken, they were doing an Easter service that was so big in the sanctuary that it overflowed into the lobby.

We have a saying that this is a place for everyone. I love that because so many people feel like they can’t attend church because they are “damaged” and “not good enough to enter.” This is NEVER true! Jesus came to heal the sick, not the healthy. No one is “healthy.” We all need Jesus. I seriously love this church. When I get my degree and probably work at a different church, I hope to be at one that is exactly like this one. I hope that God places me in a church that is ready to serve the community and not just itself.

What do you love about your church? If you don’t have a home church, what do you look for as you try to find one?

XO Ashton

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