How to Choose a New Church

 As I have gone through this series, people may have been wondering how I chose my church. I was lucky enough that the first church that I attended that was not my original was the one that gave me the welcoming vibe I was looking for. That doesn’t mean I don’t have suggestions on how you can choose your church if you are looking to change… 1. If you already attend a church, my suggestion is to think about the things that you absolutely love about the church you are currently at along with the things that you don’t like. You can then decide which ones are a priority for you and which ones are not. That can be a starting point to decide what you should look for when you go to a different church to visit to see if that will be the one you want to switch to.


2. My next suggestion would be to decide what your values are. Some churches focus on different things of focus. For example, my church focuses a lot on community and discipleship. We focus on learning how to reach out to those in our surrounding community and how to follow Christ closer then we may have been taught in the past. 

3. Another suggestion is to figure out what kind of diversity you were looking for. Some people want a community of older aged people because they are either older aged or they are younger and looking for those who have wisdom to share. Some people may be younger and might want other younger people with in their inner circle or they may want older aged so that they can learn from the people around them. All of these are personal decisions that are specific to each one of us, and there is no “correct” choice.


4. My last suggestion would be to talk to the people you meet when you go to visit a new church. Talk to those people to get a feel on how welcoming they are and ask what they like about the church that they attend. I want to warn about talking to people on a welcoming aspect. You might not feel welcomed right away. I would suggest that if you don’t feel welcome, try going one other time or maybe a third time so that you can truly get a sense. The person that you may talk to initially might just have a character that is not as welcoming as other people. So don’t base your decision off of just a couple of conversations. Pray about the decision and the conversations you have with these people. The power of prayer should NEVER be underestimated.

I want to encourage you to not give up! Finding the right church home is important and isn’t something that should take no time at all to decide. It might take quite a few visits in quite a bit of time. I was just very blessed in that community that I am in is one that is naturally welcoming since it is a smaller town. Don’t be afraid to feel the need to travel across a larger city in order to find the church that you feel comfortable at. I promise it will be worth the commute every Sunday. 

Now I would like to direct you to a fellow blogger’s post on the subject. She has done a wonderful job on her thoughts and process of finding a new Church. She is very organized and detailed in her suggestions. She also has the approach as a mother and thinks about the kids’ spiritual needs, not just her own and that of her husband. Go visit Laura’s page here.

Do you need someone to pray for you? Visit the page on my blog where you can request prayer! is where I can pray for and where others can when they come for prayer as well.

XO Ashton

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