5 Qualities Of Good Christian Friends

When changing churches, you’re going to want to find new friends at that new church. You want to find people who have things in common, But you also want to look for people who have certain qualities. The following qualities are ones I find the most beneficial when looking for new Christian friends.

5 Qualities of Good Christian Friends1. Honesty

Besides the obvious of following the commandments God gave his people, you shall not lie, you want Christian friends who are honest because when you ask them about situations that are going on in your life, you want them to answer honestly with their opinion and godly advice. You also want them to be there authentic self and be honest about who they are and who they want to be and who they were in the past. It’s how we can learn and grow from each other and with ourselves.

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2. Conviction

This kind of goes along with honesty and that you want your Christian friends to be able to have conviction. Do you want them to be able to call you out when you are living the life you are supposed to live or at least in the way that you’re supposed to live it according to God’s word.

3. Encouraging

You want your Christian friends to be encouraging because there will be times that you will be struggling and in the low times of your life or valleys. You want to be able to have people that surround you in these times so that you can come out of these funks. It’s also always great to have encouraging friends when you’re going through the good times as well. You want them to be able to praise God with you and thank him for all that he has given you in these good times.


4. Forgiving

8. We all screw up! We all sin! So we need friendships that are with people who are forgiving. I find it a lot easier to forgive myself when somebody else can forgive me first even though it should go the other way around.

5. Accountable

This also goes along with conviction but it goes both ways. You want friendships that will be with people who you can be accountable to and ones that will be accountable to you as well. This can go for any area in your life but in our lives of faith, this can be accountability for going to church especially when we find a new one, and it can be accountability for our sins and keeping in the word.


I love having Christian friends because when you have a friend who is Christian, you automatically have something in common. You can be different in all other areas of your life, but when it comes to the most important part of our lifestyle and who we are, it’s always great to have friends that share that quality with us like being a Christian.

What qualities do you look for in your Christian friends? Do you have a must-have quality?

XO Ashton

2 thoughts on “5 Qualities Of Good Christian Friends

  1. Friends who stick through the “stuff” are people who are the ones that are still surrounding me. If I go through something, and you’re not sticking around.. you’re probably more like an acquaintance. Thanks for sharing what your qualities are!

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