When You Don’t Want to Go to Church

There are some people that go to church every week. I was one of those people. I couldn’t start my week out without it. If I did miss a Sunday, I would feel so out of wack the rest of the week. In the last year, there have been times that I couldn’t get there because of other obligations or just because I wasn’t feeling it because of the things I was going through. The funny thing is when I just wasn’t feeling it was when I should have been going to church the most. Seeing as I am guilty of excuses, I am not here to judge but only offer possible solutions. Here are some excuses and my take on combating them.But I’m so busy…

This is one of the biggest excuses or reasons that I have heard people give for not wanting to go to church. I definitely get it. What I love is that most churches offer different time opportunities for people to attend such as Saturday evenings, multiple Sunday morning times, and even online services. I don’t recommend online services being the option you default to. Online services don’t offer the interaction people that are like-minded or who are going through life just like you are. Also, online services don’t always have the worship portion filmed. Worship can be very fulfilling and can really open your heart.

The thing about being busy is that chances are, we can probably carve out an hour and a half of our weekend to bring Jesus into our life.

I Don’t Like My Church

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on how to choose a new church and when it might be time to find a new church. You can easily access them here. There are so many different churches that you have optioned to you. You just need to make sure that the church is in line with your beliefs and values and in line with what the Bible has to tell us.


I Don’t Have Anyone to Sit With

This was one of my biggest excuses when my boyfriend was working on Sundays and could temporarily not be able to attend with me. I had to overcome my discomfort of sitting alone. I did start sitting in a different area of the sanctuary where a lot of the pastors I am close with. You could find other people to sit with which might include making new friends. Here are my tips for doing just that.

I’m in a Slump

Oh man, was this my biggest excuse for me not to go, especially in the past year. I know that it can be hard some times to go when you’re in a slump. I found for me, that is the time that I most need to go to church. You feel more connected and can really connect with God when you go to church which may be what you need when you’re in a slump.

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XO Ashton

2 thoughts on “When You Don’t Want to Go to Church

  1. Slumpy moments are painful but they have always brought out lifetime memories for me. Despite the disorientation, I strive to stick to church. I believe something much better is always on the way.

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    • Exactly. I have been there, like I said, to the point that I didn’t want to go anywhere including church. Sometimes, even when we don’t want to go is when we should go the most. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!


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