3 Ways to Pray with Friends

So we’ve been talking about having Christian friends. One of the greatest perks of having Christian friends is that you can get together and pray. This may sound like an easy concept for some, but for others, this can be difficult for multiple reasons. Some may be afraid to open up for whatever reason. Some may not want to speak in front of others with so much attention on them. No matter the reason, praying with friends is something that can be very deep. So lets go through some ways that you can try out and see what you are comfortable with.

3 ways to pray with friends

  1. Group chat then pray over what was discussedThis can be great for those who don’t want to be put on the spot. If its just a conversation about what is going on in life or what has been troubling you and the rest of the group, it will just feel like normal discussion. There is a warning I want to put out there with this method, though. Be careful to not make this a complaint session or let it turn into gossip. A complaint session can get negative… fast. A gossip session is never good especially as Christians. We are not to say anything about anyone that we wouldn’t say to their face or that would destroy their reputation. If you have a valid concern, change the name of the person so that you keep it confidential and can focus on how you can deal with it rather than put the spotlight on them.IMG_1036
  2. Go around and ask for prayer and then either big prayer at the end or have each person pray for anotherThis has been the most common in my experience. Some might have a notebook that they will pray for each intention until the next time you meet. Maybe you could each write your intentions on a piece of paper and exchange them with each other so everyone has someone praying for them until the next time you meet. Otherwise, you could all go around within a prayer and speak your intentions and then close the prayer by praying over all the intentions.1280x1280
  3. Go around and pray for your intentions and let people add to it.This is a combination of the other two methods. As you speak your intentions for yourself, others can put your prayer into their own words and pray you how they would like. For example, you might want strength in a certain situation you are praying for. Someone might think you need strength, but they might also see that you need courage as well so they will add that to the prayer.


Another thing to remember is that the prayers you are sharing with your friends are not something you need to hide. You don’t need to be shameful or embarrassed about these prayers. These are your friends as well as brothers and sisters in Christ. We are here for each other so we need to trust others so that we don’t have to go through trials alone and so that we have people to celebrate with. Those around you might even be feeling the same way as you. They might not want to share as well.

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