Like Mother, Like Daughter

“I am ugly.” “I’m not pretty enough for him.” “I need to have a body like hers so I can look good at the beach.” All LIES! Not only will this kind of thinking tear you apart, it will tear your daughter, future or current, apart. 

Like Mother Like Daughter

“We can say our daughter is pretty but when we look in the mirror and speak of how bad we ourselves look, then that is all our daughter will remember. That she must not be pretty because her beautiful mom doesn’t even believe she, herself, is.”


I found this quote when reading a devotional email a while back. It spoke to me in a time that I was not feeling beautiful, in a time that I was feeling ashamed of how I look. When I read this, I realized that my mom who raised me did a great job except in the self-esteem department. I can remember countless times that my mom said, “honey, you are beautiful because God made you and He doesn’t make anything that isn’t perfect.” However, I can also remember countless times of her replying to my questions on why she was putting on makeup with a comment like, “because without makeup, I will scare people.”

My mom is beautiful as you can see. For the longest I can remember she has been on diet after diet, restriction after restriction. And what I mean is diet as in “fad diets” like the Southbeach Diet or Slim Fast. Some of these might work for people and that’s great! But the thing was the obsession to the point that I’m sure someone might have thought she had an eating disorder. Maybe she did. To a little girl, her mom was beautiful, and for her to constantly altering her eating habits and spending an hour in the bathroom getting ready in the morning, I must have subconsciously knew/thought that we really aren’t all made beautiful.


I was told a truth but shown a LIE. Actions speak louder than words has been something that has always been true for me and it is true for many other people especially young girls. I think girls who have their biological mother would suffer from this “monkey see, monkey think” concept a little bit more. Luckily, I knew I didn’t spawn from her genetics, but I do think that my self-esteem may have been compromised.

Lets Pray: Heavenly Father, Thank you for making me in Your image. Thank you for carefully knitting me in my mother’s womb. I ask that You help me see that I am a beautiful creation of Yours. Remind me everyday and remind me when I start to stray from the truth and let the lies fill my heart instead. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

XOXO Ashton

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2 thoughts on “Like Mother, Like Daughter

  1. So true! This is an area of motherhood in which I have failed greatly. I can already see the fruit of my failure in a beautiful daughter (like truly stunning) who doesn’t see her beauty. I’ve tried to make up for lost time in the last few years and God is gracious. He will have to heal what I broke in her and show her who she is in Him. That’s what I pray for.

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    • I’m so sorry that this happened! I am glad, however, that you were able to recognize it and make the effort to reverse it. I am sure that in time, she will come to know the truths of Genesis and Psalms. I also hope (and pray) you find peace. I know first hand that when you know you have made a mistake that has affected another, that can be emotionally painful. Please know that I don’t think less of my mother or blame her. There was plenty other things to blame. Her habits only further influenced my thoughts. My suggestion is to continue to pray for her and start to accept your beauty as beauty and continue to show her what you think of yourself now. I will be praying for you both! ❤

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