Birthday: 5 Changes I’m Making

I turned 27 years old today. People keep asking me how it feels to be closer to 30. Honestly, I’m not like how people usually are when they get closer to the next mile stone. I see so many years ahead!! I’m so excited to see what else is going to come my way! Right now, I’m amazed that our bodies can last even this long. That the organs continue to work day and night without stopping when you’re healthy. We put our bodies through so much through our lives and we give them so many reasons to give out on us early. 

I’m also sad knowing so many people personally who didn’t last even this long physically being killed by disease or mentally and committing suicide. I’m so blessed to have been healthy or healthy enough to be here today. I thank my birth mom for not being selfish and allowing me to live this life and in a way that I grew up to know God. I don’t know what I would have done not knowing Him. He has given me so much, and I’m so glad to know He is the source of all of it.

Birthday Thoughts-2

In this next year of my life, I want to make some changes to better my life, relationships, and my devotion to God. 

  1. Swearing became a big part of my vocabulary when I was an older teenager. It was a source of control. I could control how I expressed my feelings. I started this habit before I really had a true relationship with God. I tried many times to change my words since I knew they didn’t honor God. I thought about it last night and realized that it’s something that shouldn’t be a part of my life anymore. It’s not who I am or who I want to be. I want to bring honor to God in the words I speak even outside of the public eye. 
  2. Volunteering is something I’ve loved even when I was younger. As you know from a previous post, I volunteer with the kids at church. I have also taken on the scheduling for the younger kids more recently. As I thought about it, I realized I need to reach out past the walls of the church like I used to. Some of these kids might not know Jesus or have a home where their relationship with God can truly flourish, but there is a ministry in Milwaukee that does daily outreach to kids of the inner city that does health clinics each month for all who want to come to receive care. They have some kids ministry during the clinic as well. When I volunteered there in the past, I felt so happy to be with these people and minister to them. With my healthcare background that I have now because of my daily grind job, I feel I should put that to work for God as well. 
  3. My thoughts have definitely gone downhill as I have gotten slightly bitter these last couple years. I’m always kind to people face-to-face, but I, in full disclosure, don’t always think the best of thoughts about people who irritate me or cause me discomfort. This should not be the case. I need to focus on the good in people. I’m not perfect and never will be but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t make every effort, even in the secrecy of my mind, to have thoughts like Jesus would. 
  4. I have become an introvert. After high school and the events that proceeded that time, I became very distant from friends. Some of this was not my fault. Many friends fell away due to who I was with at the time. Since then, I have formed new friendships that I haven’t allowed to grow. This was probably out of fear that they would abandon me as well. I want to grow those friendships and allow them to bring me joy and so I can hopefully bring joy to those people as well. 
  5. Lastly, I have gotten away from putting my best effort into my relationship with my boyfriend of almost 7 years. We are way past the “honeymoon stage” of our relationship, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t make the effort. It has caused us to have issues, caused resentment, and it can feel like we are just really good friends who give each other a kiss at the end of the night. We think of our relationship as a marriage and always have, but I need to be more diligent in my pursuit of being a woman who lives out being a Proverbs 31 wife. 


Most of these changes reveal that I’m not always the Christian I am called to be and want to be. I believe that is why we get so many years in this life. We are meant to grow and become and shouldn’t be expected to “be” right away. If we don’t need to grow, what is the point?

When its your birthday, do you decide on changes you want to make? What were yours this year? Have you been successful?


4 thoughts on “Birthday: 5 Changes I’m Making

  1. I know that I often guilt myself by feeling like I am not “Christian enough”. You are right, all we can do is grow! Here’s to another year of trying to be the best versions of ourselves.

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