Black Friday and Materialism

Do you think that Black Friday seems to bring out the worst in people? Do you avoid the stores and the deals just because you’re afraid that you might get trampled? Deals and saving money is great, don’t get me wrong! But greed has become the main problem with this day of money saving.

A couple years ago, I decided to take on a more minimalist lifestyle. The Bible even backed me up on this! The idea of obtaining the next best thing and running through the stores trying to find deals for yourself isn’t all bad but can be very dangerous. Possessions end up making you want more or the next best. You also might fall into that Comparison Trap I wrote about a couple weeks ago. You get jealous and envious.

Some people like the hype. Some people like the deals. For me, it’s the feeling of giving and getting in the Christmas spirit! When I do get something for myself, I make sure it’s something that I need. If I want something, I’ve always made sure I’ve gotten it AFTER all the necessities were taken care of and I make sure that doesn’t change on Black Friday.

One of the necessities is my child I sponsor in Kenya. I’ve sponsored Timpiyian since March 2013 and it has been one of the best experiences to give to the less fortunate. I’ve been able to watch her grow into a young woman, develop her skills in English, and get to know her family.

In this Black Friday, I encourage you to do something kind for someone else maybe while you’re out shopping.

I also have an opportunity for you! sponsor a child of your own! Build a relationship with a child who doesn’t have the same resources as us. Below is a link that will take you to the Compassion International website for you to choose a child to love.

Sponsor a Child

Do you already sponsor a child? I would love to hear about your experience! Are you also a blogger who sponsors a child? I would love to share your experiences as well with a guest post you could write!


3 thoughts on “Black Friday and Materialism

  1. Great post! I work in retail, and Black Friday has been very stressful for me the past two years, especially this year! I used to shop Black Friday as a way to bond with the rest of my family, but since my brother moved away, I don’t really participate in the hype anymore.

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