His Birth Means No Death

Dealing with loss during the holidays can be really emotionally draining. Dealing with shorter day light can make everything worse. So many of us struggle with holiday depression or seasonal affective disorder. Now I’ve written about this in the past because this is something that I’ve been dealing with for the past few years.

I’ve gotten emotional quite a bit this holiday season because of the news of my grandpa having cancer and having to try to beat this at an older age. When I truly think about his life, he has lived a full life but at the same time it’s grandpa. It’s a loved one.

I was sitting in our Christmas service on Friday night and I realized that I was getting emotional because of the subconscious thought of my grandma passing a few months after Christmas I didn’t get to spend with her. I was and still am terrified that this could be the last Christmas again. As I was thinking about the birth of Jesus, I remember the fact that there is death in this world but the birth of Jesus Christ means that there really is no death in those who believe in him.

Now, I haven’t experienced as much loss as I know many others have. I think that the type of grieving I go through now is a bit different than I did in the past. Because I know that loved ones lives on through us and our hearts and lives on an eternity if they were and are a believer, my grief is more of a selfish grief in that I wish that they were here physically. I think that’s the pain that most of us go through around the holidays and thinking about passed on the left ones. I think that we need to focus more on the fact that there is no true death for believers because of the birth of Christ. Christmas gives us another chance to celebrate their life that they lived in the moments that we were able to spend with them. We should bring our focus to that rather than the absence of them in the physical form.

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