2018: That’s A Wrap

So 2018 is a wrap. I had some New Year’s resolutions for this past year that were very attainable and at some point in the year, I did meet all of my resolutions but they didn’t become daily or weekly habits. I’m okay with that because I know that the ambition was there and the habits were still practiced.


2018: Look Back at Resolutions

Miracle Morning every day- this wasn’t practiced every day, but I did incorporate a Miracle Morning habits almost every single day throughout the span of the day.

Re-establish relationship with God- being able to help the kids at a different church was crucial in my reestablishment of my relationship with God as it gave me that dedication I needed. I also read some great Bible study books and even stayed on track for one of the proverbs 31 ministries online Bible studies which was HUGE because I am horrible at staying on track.

Gratitude List- I used the five-minute journal for a good portion of the year which allowed me to have my gratitude list. I know that those days that I focused on what I was grateful for even in the mundane things, I was much happier.

Read 1 book a month- this started out strong and I ended up reading about seven books in the beginning of the year and three towards the end of the year. This is more than I ever have read in the past so I feel very accomplished.

Work out at the gym 3 days a week- I stayed to this during the summer months when my boyfriend was working at night but as he obtained a new job, that fell but he decided he wanted to go to the gym again as well so now we have a plan for this new year.

Post in blog 3 days a week- this didn’t happen but I was a lot more attentive to my blog and my blog social media. It has been great to connect with you all and I hope to continue to do that.

Save $$- every paycheck I save 10% which was my official goal.

Highlight jar- this fell a little bit this year. it’s one that I do every single year

Vegan days- Despite my failure at being 100% vegan, I was able to maintain good vegan days and days where I had a few meals, rather than none, where I was a vegan.


I had a lot of growth in the my job that I have this year. I was promoted to a position that I got to train new hires and be a point of contact for questions. Then at the end of the year, I was promoted to a different position completely where I am able to have conversations with attorneys and other insurance companies throughout the day to work on the files that I previously worked on and others to a more thorough extent.

So that is my year! Not much happened except for my job changes. In my next post, I will share with you some habits I want to break in 2018 along with my resolutions. I have a few new ones along with my usual ones that I still would like to work on.

What were your favorite memories of 2018? What do you want to change for 2019?

(I didn’t post pictures because I was a professional procrastinator today)


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