5 Habits to Break in 2019

We all try to make the next year better which is always so inspiring because it shows that we admit that we can all improve and are always improving! It shows that we all have that level of humility to know that we aren’t perfect but strive to be our best selves. This year, I have a focus but I also want to stop some habits that have hindered me from being my personal best.

This year, I will have the same resolutions I did last year as you can read here. I will also be focusing on self-care and personal development. Here is a list of habits that will be my focus on personal development and, in turn, will turn into self-care. I will also explain how I plan to break these habits.


  1. Hitting snooze – This is my number one habit that prevents me from being my best self. Most of us fall into this habit because we aren’t ready to start the day or we just love those few minutes of sleep. Something I’ve been wanting to do for the last couple years is to get back into a habit I started before I knew what it was which is a Miracle Morning (concept named by Hal Elrod). I was waking up at 4:30 or 5:00 in high school to just spend some time with myself so I could be at my best when I got to school. I got into the habit of snoozing after I graduated. I has been so discouraging.

    How I will break it – I have a night routine that I developed in the past years that I haven’t stuck to and I have an accountability partner lined up. If I stick to the night routine, things should fall into place. That night routine consists of stopping all technology at 9:00 and being ready to go to bed by 9:15 so I can spend the rest of the evening reading.

  2. Snacking at night – When I snack at night, it can get out of control. I eat dinner at 6:30 and I can snack until 8:30 if I’m not careful. Don’t get me wrong… many of these snack are healthier since trying to be more vegan but since the willpower to stop is to a minimum, it’s best for me to just stop snacking at night.fullsizeoutput_9c9
    How I will break it – All food will be put away by 7:30. That means all snacks will turn into a dessert. This will just be a point of setting an alarm telling me “no more!”
  3. Social media at night – This is the same as the snacking. It gets out of hand when used past a certain time. Now, of course because I’m a blogger, some social media is necessary. Like any job, though, there should be hours of operation to keep priorities in line.How I will break it – Again, this will be the same as snacking. Shortly after I put away the snacks, the social media will be not allowed. I have an iPhone which allows me to have screen time restrictions. You can have what is called “downtime” which puts time parameters on what apps you can use and when. Also, my phone will be put out of reach so I am not tempted, and I can just enjoy time with my boyfriend.
  4. Binge watching – More than two episodes of 40 minute show can spiral out into a night of a lack of productivity and distraction from life in general. I have multiple shows that I am currently watching and all of them I have watched before. They inspire me to be the best I can be but they also give me a sense of fantasy that I cannot achieve.business-close-up-conceptual-987586
    How I will break it – This one won’t be easy especially after a day of work when I want to just sit and relax while enjoying my favorite shows and characters. I can also do this by forming new enjoyments out of characters in books. I hope to immerse myself into a good fiction book to get the same interaction without the negative neurological effects that blue light and the motion from camera frames give.
  5. Saying Sorry – We’ve heard it so many times to apologize when we are in the wrong. But we have also heard that we shouldn’t apologize when it is unnecessary. What I mean is that, like others, I find myself apologizing in situations where I did nothing wrong and it just feels like there is no other response. For example, there are obviously no windows into the bathroom at work and when going through one of those doors, you risk the chance of bumping into someone coming from the direction you are going. Everyone’s automatic response is to say “oops, sorry.” You’re sorry for not knowing someone was on the other side of the door? How could you possibly know that they were there?

    How I will break it – I’ve been trying to break this habit for a while now. I have come up with a response. It is a simple “hello” or “oh! Hey! How are you?” You’re still being polite but not making yourself look overly apologetic.

So what habits are you going to break in 2019? I asked on social media yesterday and got some good responses. One woman said overeating while another said complaining. I hope these help you get started! If you liked this post, share it! And then also check out my post on how to stop being so distracted HERE!


8 thoughts on “5 Habits to Break in 2019

    • It can be difficult. As I read this, I thought of another tip especially for a late night snacking problem. Its hard to snack after getting ready for bed. So if you get ready for bed at the time you want to be done snacking, you’re too busy to be putting food in your mouth and if you brush your teeth, are you really going to want to eat anything after you do that?


  1. Great post! I like how you compare social media to eating and how it can get out of control. I also say sorry for everything lol. I am shooting for better self care this year and to learn to let go of guilt and condemnation. TY for your beautiful post sweet sister! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Donna! And yes, Self Care is actually my word of the year. I need to focus on myself so I can focus on others. I focus on others before myself and then I get burned out very quickly.


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