When I Almost Quit on My Faith

People tend to go through rough spots when it comes to their faith and their relationship with God. Mine took a turn when I was in one of my classes for ministry of all times and places to almost quit your faith. This isn’t something to take lightly but it is something that happens to many people which is why I’d like to share my thoughts.

when i almost quit my faith

I was going through the portion of my schooling where we were talking about the history of Christianity but it was in a way of studying the people who formed screwed up versions of Christianity. I won’t go into the specifics but I ended up wondering how people eventually picked out what is true and what isn’t. I know what is true, but it bothered me that so many people had this thought of a faulty belief. I had to be in this class for eight weeks so as I noticed how it was affecting my faith, I decided that I needed a plan in order to safeguard my heart. So what I did was I decided to just treat it as a class like I would with a Greek mythology or Roman mythology class and stick with the truth by diving into the Bible.


The thing is that it really started to make me question if I should be a Christian that is active. You know, not blogging, not teaching others about Jesus, and just being satisfied in knowing that I know who Jesus is and that should be enough. This was back in August 2018 so clearly nothing of the sort happened.


Recently I was thinking about if blogging still gave me joy or was it just something I am tasked with now. I know many creatives have been feeling this way lately. I was in church this morning (Sunday, January 20, 2019) and we were discussing about if we have talents and a way to “make fishers of men,” Jesus calls us to do exactly that. Now, I wouldn’t say that I have a talent in writing. I have my good days and my bad days, but I do enjoy explaining things and I love sharing my life with people so that they know they aren’t alone in certain life situations that are not ideal.

I went to my pastor and thanked him for giving me a more obvious reminder as to why I’m doing this whole blogging thing. I think about how I do mundane work, I like to have a greater purpose. If I were to quit this blog, I don’t know what greater purpose I would have. I’m sure I would find something but as I also look at my website stats, I know I reach places that I could never in any other way but this blog.

What talents do you have? Are you using them for God’s glory? I you using them to bring people to Christ? Share with me what your talents are and how you are using them!


2 thoughts on “When I Almost Quit on My Faith

  1. I agree! Some days are a struggle. As a fellow blogger, I have to remind myself that “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion…”

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