There Is No Perfect Church – Guest Post

By_EmilySaxeThere is no perfect church

By: Emily Saxe

Church hate. It’s a popular thing these days in America. More specifically, about America. 

Why? Because the idea has spread that churches in America have lost sight of what it means to be a church. Some point to other countries and how the people there rely on God, accusing churches in America of having shallow faith in comparison. Read More »


Happy Resurrection Sunday 

the joy of today

He is RisenHappy Resurrection Sunday! He is risen! Who? Jesus! I’m thinking about a lot this Easter Sunday. There is a video circulating that is of many different people receiving a text message, and at first, they are surprised but then their excitement cannot be contained. View it HERE. After I saw it for the first time this morning, I thought about how true it is. Matthew, Mark, and Luke are my favorite depictions of this joy…Read More »