Religion vs Politics

When I read the Gospels, I read about Jesus that I believe would wear a mask (He complied with government authority), would not be OK with how Trump supporters are acting, would not be OK with all of the racial injustice riots but also wouldn’t be OK with the reason why people felt those were necessary in the first place. I have seen so many posts of people justifying how they feel because they are “Christian” and they believe that’s how Christians should be.

If that’s the identity of a Christian, then I Read More »

Apologies and Updates

I keep saying this but it has yet to come true, but I am coming back. Between deaths, a breakup, graduating with my degree, moving, and praying about my future, I have not written at all in 2020.

In the coming weeks, I will be looking for broken links, bad images, and fine tuning past writing. I’m hoping to figure out a schedule for 2021 that will look like every other week being new writing and opposite weeks being releases of updated writings. It will help me practice my voice again and keep things relevant. I look forward to interacting with you.

Until then, please enjoy pictures from my Israel trip! Click here

Chained Door of Opportunity

Do you plan out your days, weeks, and months? Do you plan out your whole life leaving no room for God’s plan for you? These seem to be something we do no matter our intentions. But at times, it can feel like there’s a door that looks so appealing to walk through. Some times, it’s a door you’re supposed to walk through but at the right timing. It’s opened but only by a crack so that you can see what’s on the other side. What’s on that other side you ask? An opportunity to have joy, marriage, that dream home. For me, it’s a job. But there’s a chain that has this door locked so you can’t open it any farther and there’s no way for you to get to that other side. This was my life the last three years. For three years, I looked through this cracked, chained door. 

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5 Habits to Break in 2019

We all try to make the next year better which is always so inspiring because it shows that we admit that we can all improve and are always improving! It shows that we all have that level of humility to know that we aren’t perfect but strive to be our best selves. This year, I have a focus but I also want to stop some habits that have hindered me from being my personal best.Read More »