David and Goliath

I have always been a very small person. I stopped growing at 4’11” or 149.86 centimeters. I love being short but it has caused some problems, more so in the past when it comes to those who are bigger than me. I can understand how David may have felt when facing the Philistine giant, Goliath. Think about how he could have felt if he David didn’t have the all-powerful God in his side. He could felt fear, intimidation, unworthiness, too young… the list goes on. Read More »


Mother’s Day Thoughts

This weekend’s holiday, Mother’s Day, got me thinking as it usually does. I always dreaded Mother’s Day when I was younger because I always thought, “is my birth mother thinking of me?” It got me angry. Now, my parents that adopted me are fabulous, but there is just something about the biological connection that just can’t be beat.

My birth-mother and me after I was born.

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Devotionals in Action

DevotionalsInActionTo GrowWithChristHave you ever read motivtions and encouragements based off the same topic and one that needed ot be addressed at that time of your life? I subscribe to many emails that are devotional and such like Proverbs31, Faith.Full, FaithGateway, and too many more (haha).Sometimes I get behind in reading what I receive so I’ll do a day of catch up. That day was Wednesday this past week.Read More »