How to Choose a New Church

 As I have gone through this series, people may have been wondering how I chose my church. I was lucky enough that the first church that I attended that was not my original was the one that gave me the welcoming vibe I was looking for. That doesn’t mean I don’t have suggestions on how you can choose your church if you are looking to change… Read More »

There Is No Perfect Church – Guest Post

By_EmilySaxeThere is no perfect church

By: Emily Saxe

Church hate. It’s a popular thing these days in America. More specifically, about America. 

Why? Because the idea has spread that churches in America have lost sight of what it means to be a church. Some point to other countries and how the people there rely on God, accusing churches in America of having shallow faith in comparison. Read More »

4 Things I Love About My Church + Church Tour

As I mentioned in my previous post, you need to feel comfortable in the church you attend. You need to have the qualities that mean something to you that make you want to go to church. I mean you can go to a church that you suffer through, but you can get more out of the experience if you enjoy going to the church of your choosing. So I want to go through the key things that I love about my church to give you an idea of the things that make me want to go every week. Along with that, I will give you a bit of a tour!Read More »

Re-Committed… Again

I am recommitting to my blog this week and I am so excited to continue my church going series! I’ve had a plan on how to consistently execute writing blog posts and posting them but for some reason I had a lack of motivation due to distractions that weren’t worth it like Netflix.

Blogging is something that I love to do because it helps me to communicate with people that are interested in God and all that He has in store for us in our lives. I have found that if I speech text my blogs (and fix the mistakes that are made by Siri), I can express more than what I can when I simply type. That has motivated me so much and I am excited to put out posts titled: things I love about my church, how to choose a church, best qualities to having Christian friends, how to make friends at a new church, how to pray with friends, when you don’t feel like going to church, things Christians should do more, and things Christians should stop doing.

Look for these in the coming weeks!!!

XO Ashton

3 Signs to Know It’s Time for a Church Change

When you know it’s time for a change of church

How often have you changed churches? I personally have only changed churches once in my life and that was when I switched from going to a Catholic church to a non-denominational church. Changing churches can be difficult and emotional depending on why you made the decision to change churches. For me it was an exciting time because I knew that I have wanted more community and more people my age in the congregation.Read More »