3 Favorite Birthday Memories! Plus a Way to Give One to a Child!

Last week, I had good reason to ponder on some birthday memories since the 7th was my 24th birthday. So much but so little time has gone by. So thoughts filled my mind as I was celebrating the day and weekend at an indoor water park resort. What were my three favorite birthday memories? Read More »


Spending Time with the Father

What would the ideal day with your Heavenly Father look like? It’s a question that really makes you ponder, “what would I do?”

My ideal day would start off with breakfast, of course. Breakfast while watching a sunrise He created. We then would take a long walk in the forests to capture the smell of the leaves and air. We would hear birds calling to each other. I then would ask Him to take me to the Holy Land so I could see all the special places from the time that He sent His Son. During the whole time, we would talk about anything and everything.

There are many children throughout the world that do not have a father. Instead, they need to rely on their Heavenly Father. The coolest part about having a relationship with God… We all can really have this sort of day with Him everyday if we want, and we are never truly fatherless.

There is a way that you can help those that do not have an earthly father… Watch the video below, provided by Compassion International, and then go to the link they provide to sponsor a child that is fatherless. If you want to sponsor a child that isn’t in a specific situation and just needs to be sponsored, click on the link at the bottom of this post. You will not only change their life, they will change yours, too.