Like Mother, Like Daughter

“I am ugly.” “I’m not pretty enough for him.” “I need to have a body like hers so I can look good at the beach.” All LIES! Not only will this kind of thinking tear you apart, it will tear your daughter, future or current, apart. Read More »


Have New Year Resolutions not worked for you in the past? I know I have failed many times with mine. The solution for some people is to just stop setting them. That is a great idea, but then what are you doing to set goals and grow in the areas that need growth? You probably aren’t. If you are, that’s awesome! Tell me how you go about that! I have some New Year resolutions that I have set and a plan to achieve them. I also have a suggestion for a book for wives and women in serious relationships. So continue reading…Read More »

I Felt Beautiful When…

Feeling beautiful doesn’t always come easy to women, and I have most recently realized that it doesn’t come easy for men, either. We never feel attractive enough, tall enough, short enough, skinny enough, thick enough, strong enough. Can you remember when you felt beautiful or handsome? Was it this morning when you looking in the mirror? I can remember the last time I felt beautiful.. So here are 3 verses to help you realize you are beautiful, too!Read More »