3 Signs to Know It’s Time for a Church Change

When you know it’s time for a change of church

How often have you changed churches? I personally have only changed churches once in my life and that was when I switched from going to a Catholic church to a non-denominational church. Changing churches can be difficult and emotional depending on why you made the decision to change churches. For me it was an exciting time because I knew that I have wanted more community and more people my age in the congregation.Read More »


Quiet Time Routine

A couple years ago, I decided that I liked the idea of having an hour before bed without technology. Now this has been suggested by many sleep specialists and researchers. I thought that this would be the perfect time to bring myself into a quiet time with God. Keep reading to find out what happens during those hours. Read More »

The Power of Forgiveness

I’ve written on forgiveness in the past, but I keep thinking about one person I needed to forgive that changed how I looked at my adoption differently and how I looked at my future wedding.Read More »


Devotionals in Action

DevotionalsInActionTo GrowWithChristHave you ever read motivtions and encouragements based off the same topic and one that needed ot be addressed at that time of your life? I subscribe to many emails that are devotional and such like Proverbs31, Faith.Full, FaithGateway, and too many more (haha).Sometimes I get behind in reading what I receive so I’ll do a day of catch up. That day was Wednesday this past week.Read More »


Thankful Nov 2

24 years ago, this week, my parents were getting ready to welcome home a new baby girl. At the same time, a 22 year old woman was preparing to make a very difficult decision. She had already decided but still had 5 days to make it official. 24 years ago, this week, I was born and was blessed with a family that raised me in a Christian home.

My older birth brother is Wiccan, my birth sister and younger brother have been confused for years. My sister only recently has come to Christ. I was blessed. I could have been just as confused. I could have gone through more horrific things than I did.

I am thankful I had a great family that introduced me to Jesus.