The Power of Forgiveness

I’ve written on forgiveness in the past, but I keep thinking about one person I needed to forgive that changed how I looked at my adoption differently and how I looked at my future wedding.Read More »


Devotionals in Action

DevotionalsInActionTo GrowWithChristHave you ever read motivtions and encouragements based off the same topic and one that needed ot be addressed at that time of your life? I subscribe to many emails that are devotional and such like Proverbs31, Faith.Full, FaithGateway, and too many more (haha).Sometimes I get behind in reading what I receive so I’ll do a day of catch up. That day was Wednesday this past week.Read More »

Chills Went Up My Spine

You know that moment where something you fear happens and you get chills? Or how about when a good feeling overwhelms you and you get those same chills? I love getting those good chills up my back, and they happen when the hope God gives us fills my mind and heart.

One Sunday morning, I was sitting in church with my boyfriend, my friend Andrea, and her boyfriend. We were singing and swaying to worship and already overwhelmed by the power of God.Read More »