3 Signs to Know It’s Time for a Church Change

When you know it’s time for a change of church

How often have you changed churches? I personally have only changed churches once in my life and that was when I switched from going to a Catholic church to a non-denominational church. Changing churches can be difficult and emotional depending on why you made the decision to change churches. For me it was an exciting time because I knew that I have wanted more community and more people my age in the congregation.Read More »


Upcoming Series

Christian Community

I am so excited to announce that I have an upcoming series for the month of March! I am excited because this is the push I need to be more consistent with this blog. I have been struggling to find inspiration for topics to write about.Read More »

Digital Bible Study Tools

Studying the Bible can be difficult especially when considering there are words that are translated but they still can be confusing to those who don’t understand the original translation. That’s why study Bibles are a huge help when it comes to understanding those words. I also love using online tools so I can see what other scholars.Read More »


Paper Bible Study Tools

Over the years, I have collected Bibles. I’m more old-fashioned when it comes to me studying the Bible. I like paper Bibles, paper notebooks, highlighters, pens, etc. My boyfriend laughs at me because I can spend hours in Barnes and Noble and the office supplies stores.Read More »


Quiet Time Routine

A couple years ago, I decided that I liked the idea of having an hour before bed without technology. Now this has been suggested by many sleep specialists and researchers. I thought that this would be the perfect time to bring myself into a quiet time with God. Keep reading to find out what happens during those hours. Read More »