Hindered Hearing

Have you ever had something stuck in your ear that hindered your hearing? Or maybe you’ve had your headphones in with your music on pause. It’s strange to not be able to hear what’s around you. Yesterday, I experienced both of what I just mentioned… The silicone part of my ear bud got stuck in my ear!! When I attempted to remove it, it was shoved farther in. I started to panic and not because I wasn’t sure it would come out because I knew I could go to urgent care, but this happened while I was at work! Oh, the embarrassment. I told my boss and she let me leave for a while to get it taken care of.

While I was sitting in the waiting room, I noticed my loss of hearing due to the foreign object in my left ear. My left ear is stronger than my right, and I use it for all of my detailed listening and to hear things behind me. I struggled to hear the TV was on my left side and conversations going on behind me. When I was taken to the exam room, I could barely hear the medical assistant behind me giving me directions on where to turn. I was not comfortable at all.earbuds

Things can also hinder our hearing when it comes to listening for God’s voice. We let sin control our lives. We live in fear and don’t trust God in our circumstances. We listen to the lies that the enemy feeds us. We also are very quick to speak rather than to listen. In prayer we jump to start asking God for our desires and complain about what’s going wrong in life at the moment. We don’t take time to listen to what He has to say. Sin, fear, listening to the enemy, and speaking before listening are like the ear bud that was stuck in my ear. It may be small but makes a big difference.