3 Signs to Know It’s Time for a Church Change

When you know it’s time for a change of church

How often have you changed churches? I personally have only changed churches once in my life and that was when I switched from going to a Catholic church to a non-denominational church. Changing churches can be difficult and emotional depending on why you made the decision to change churches. For me it was an exciting time because I knew that I have wanted more community and more people my age in the congregation.Read More »


Upcoming Series

Christian Community

I am so excited to announce that I have an upcoming series for the month of March! I am excited because this is the push I need to be more consistent with this blog. I have been struggling to find inspiration for topics to write about.Read More »

Series Announcement

and Introduction

Starting Tuesay, I will be giving some insight as to who my top 5 people of the Bible are (besides Jesus because he should be everyone’s favorite). Read More »